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This year I’m asking members to please return your form by POST as there is a chance that I will not be at the meeting due to ongoing hospital treatment
TENT  This year we will again have our own exclusive tent; so come and shelter from the sun, or rain and enjoy John B’s tea and coffee facilities.
Please see John to make a donation to cover you for the week or weekend.

Following diminishing numbers of members attending over the last few years we have decided not to organise a party this year.
This will have an impact on our income as the raffle has been well supported in the past.

In addition to the long running Own Start and standard Winter Competitions, we will continue to run both Benchrest and LSR postal competitions this winter. We are running them because they were asked for by the members. However the support from the members is quite low, so much so that we have opened these competitions to non members too. I would like to see more support from the members otherwise we will have to consider their future as they involve quite a lot of volunteer time to organise etc.

Every year NSRA affiliated clubs are given a number of certificates to award to club members; these entitle the holders to free entry for life to certain competitions at Bisley and the Scottish Meeting. If you do not hold a certificate for free entry to : “The Daily Mail”, “Daily Telegraph”, “News of the World” or “Chas.E. Bell” competitions, please first ask your home club Secretary and if they have all been awarded, contact Martin.

As usual we will be awarding club trophies based on scores during the small-bore meeting.
The number of eligible members putting their names on the boards has decreased over the years…Join in the fun, it doesn’t cost you anything!
The “Bisley Pot” using a handicap system
The “Ray & Jessie Nye Memorial Trophy” for the highest placed member in the Aggregate (irrespective of class).
The “Peter Kemp Memorial Trophy” for the highest placed member in Comp 5
(60 shots at 50m) (irrespective of class).
It's up to YOU to enter YOUR scores on the boards hanging up in the tent during the week...........DON'T FORGET!
We take the boards away EARLY on Friday morning to check the winners.

The AGM will take place in the tent on Friday 17th August 2018 at 1pm, this will be followed by the presentation of prizes. (If it becomes necessary to change the time, a poster will be put up in the tent)

Donations most welcome
We try not to increase subscriptions and have in the past relied on Competition entries and the Party Raffle to help cover the increasing affiliation, postage and tent hire costs. If you wish to add a donation when you pay your subs this would be most welcome.

Would all last years Trophy winners please remember to get the trophies back to Bisley and return them, in a clean and presentable condition, to a committee member ASAP.
Remember that some of this year’s winners may wish to collect their trophies during the first weekend if they are not going to be around during the week.

Those due to RETURN trophies presented in 2017:-

Challenge Cups:-  
NOTE:-  We are still missing the large 1st Place Challenge Cup , do you have it?
Replacement 1st Place                            Returned
2nd Place                                                     Mrs S H
3rd Place                                                      Returned
4th Place                                                      Returned
Sandra Wiltshire Memorial                      Returned
Ray & Jessie Nye Memorial Clock          S. D.
Peter Kemp Memorial                                M. F.
Bisley Pot                                                       K. R.

Those due to COLLECTtrophies / prizes at the AGM this year:
If you are unable to attend at the AGM please arrange for someone else to collect on your behalf.

Winter Comp Div 1          1st J McC  (posted)    2nd  F J H
Winter Comp Div 2          1st N B                           2nd  T S                 
Challenge Cups      P W, N B, F J H, T S
Sandra Wiltshire Memorial                                     F J Ht
Ray & Jessie Nye Memorial Clock                         Winner to be decided at Bisley
Peter Kemp Memorial                                               Winner to be decided at Bisley
Bisley Pot                                                                      Winner to be decided at Bisley

A very big thank you to K S for scoring and running the winter competitions and to M M for setting up and running the benchrest and LSR competitions.

It is hoped that Nigel W will be able to arrange a Riff Raff team for this full-bore shoot which will be held on the first Saturday of the NSRA meeting (11th August)

Items for sale If you have a piece of shooting related equipment or kit that you wish to sell there is a board for you to display your notice (A5 or smaller)

Club Lapel Badges , Ties and Scarves all now available
We have a supply of metal lapel badges are available at £2.25 at Bisley or £2.95 by post from the Secretary. Ties and Scarves are both £10 at Bisley or £11.00 by post.

Don’t forget to post off your membership renewal and entries NOW to Martin!  

I wish you all an enjoyable and successful meeting and I hope to see you in 2019.